Matcha Desserts and Merry Christmas! 🎄

For all who either know me personally or who have read my previous posts will know that I’m an avid fan of matcha flavoured food, especially matcha flavoured desserts (matcha is a lifestyle 👸). This is another post showcasing even more matcha desserts 💓 (perhaps my blog should purely be about matcha flavoured food? Food for thought :P). 

Oh and also, it’s Christmas day! Merry Christmas everyone 🎄🎉❤, for all who don’t celebrate Christmas, happy holidays! 🎉 My family and I will be celebrating Christmas with a little something different this year in terms of dessert (I’m sure you can guess what it is already with the name of this post, hehe). 

Without further ado, let me introduce you to Kova Patisserie, based in Soho, London. They are a patisserie store famous for their mille crepe cake and matcha flavoured patisserie. 

Here’s a close cup of the matcha mille crepe cake:

And a close up of the matcha latte (with a swirl of hearts circling the edge ontop 💚💚💚 how adorable!): 

This year for Christmas, I bought their matcha roll cake as our dessert for our Christmas meal: 

My fridge was fully stocked up at my parents (super spoilt with food when I’m home 😋). I found some fresh berries and was excited to eat them but they were too sour on its own (winter isn’t the season for berries 🙁) so I thought, why not pair it with the matcha roll; the sour/sweet taste of the berries combined with the sweet/slight bitter matcha taste turned out to be a wonderful combination: 

Mmm, matcha ❤

-Eats Esacapdes 


Fine Dining on a Roof Garden

Fine dining; fine (little) portions of food at Babylon; The Kensington Roof Gardens.


Lovely place with an even better surprise on the roof garden! Who would have thought to keep flamingos as a roof top garden attraction?! What a brilliant idea. The garden was the best part; aside from flamingos there was a man made stream and wooden bridges.


We had the set lunch menu on a week day. Cocktails were delicious but the food was just alright for what it was worth; not quite on my recommendations list. Unless you wanted decent enough food and didn’t want to travel far between the restaurant and the roof garden then the Babylon would be a good choice. Otherwise, for around £50 per person you’re better off elsewhere (with larger portions of food!).





-Eats Escapades

Magnum Summer Street #MagnumRegentSt

Another post on Magnum ice-cream, can’t seem to get enough lately! This time, in partnership with “Summer Streets” at London Regent Street, featured an array of outdoor entertainment; catwalks, fashion shows, photo booths & live DJs. The photo booth was really, pretty cool. Shame I didn’t manage to take a snap of it (too busy taking a snap of myself – ha 😉 )

Four, traffic free Sundays throughout July was the idea behind making Regent street, an even more over crowded, tourist filled, family & children friendly  tempting summer destination.

When: 24th July 2016

What: Summer Streets in partnership with Magnum

Why: Free Ice-Cream!

The most exciting part was free ice-cream! Magnum was giving away 45,000 free ice-creams on the day, including their new range of Magnum doubles as well as 16 dipping stations to build your own ice-cream #feelingspoilt

Magnum Flavours

It was quite cloudy and windy on the day but it didn’t stop people from dropping by for a visit. Although there were queues, it actually didn’t take too long for us to get an ice-cream. At most we waited about 15 minutes at the dipping stations which in all fairness wasn’t long. I was happily chatting away with my friends, might just be down to having already had one double dipped Magnum prior to queuing; the sugar high was real.


At the dipping station; getting my drizzle on


Magnum drizzle x3

End Result 🙂 Not quite as fancy as the ones at the Magnum pleasure store but these were free so I’m not complaining!


Happy vibes all round after all the sugar XD

-Eats Escapades

Yolkin – Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich (London)

Summer has finally greeted us with her presence here in London. She was shy at first and quite temperamental but she’s eventually gotten over that and decided she’s here to stay (at least for now).

Following typical English fashion, we flock to the park as soon as there’s a peak of sun. Can’t quite count on the sunny weather to stay for long can we? Although one can have faith. I digress. Last week though, at it’s peak ,the temperature reached a height of 34 degrees Celsius in some parts of London! I digress again.

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich was what I wanted to talk about today. The first ice cream sandwich I tried in London was at Chin Chin Labs in Camden. It was good, but it can’t quite compare to the Macaron ice cream sandwich at Yolkin.




Where: Various Locations (They don’t have an official shop)

When: Saturday and Sunday ONLY (12pm – 4pm or till sold out)

What: Macaron Ice-cream (various flavours)

Note: I’d suggest keeping tabs on their facebook page for location/flavour updates


There’s normally a choice of 4 different flavours each weekend and there is usually 1 or 2 interesting flavours in the mix ie, matcha oreo, Hong Kong milk tea, lychee and rose etc. I wanted the Hong Kong milk tea flavoured one as I tried it back in Hong Kong and loved it, but I didn’t end up at the shop till about 2pm; it was sold out by then. I did manage to get the blueberry cheesecake one instead, not quite as exciting but still very tasty.

yolkin blueberry


Above: Blueberry cheescake macaron Ice-cream sandwich with honeycomb biscuit crumble

Each one is about 6cm-8cm in diameter, pretty decent size. in this angle it looks like it’s as big as my face, haha.


yolkin me


The macaron was soft and light, a perfect company to the compact and sturdy ice cream in between.

Perfect for summer days; a must try if you manage to wake up in time for it. Skip a night out, just one won’t hurt, you won’t remember it anyway 😉

-Eats Escapades

Magnum Pleasure Store #magnumldn

The popular magnum pleasure pop-up store is now back in London! I was gutted I didn’t manage to visit last year when it first opened up in Covent Garden. Now it’s back in all it’s sugary, creamy glory for the whole of summer 2016. How exciting 🙂


When:  1st June – 16th Sept 2016

Where: 56 South Molton Street, London, W1K 5SG


It is back with it’s signature milk chocolate and salted chocolate caramel ice cream base; single or double dipped in either white, milk or dark chocolate coating. There’s also a tonne of toppings to choose from ranging from pistachio bits to edible rose petals.


This was the end product:

double magnum


single magnum

Us at the Magnum pleasure store. happily chomping away:

Mmm, delicious.

Side note: it was very filling so make sure you have enough room for dessert. Or do what we did and had dessert before dinner. Who’s judging 😉

Happy dipping!

-Eats Escapades

Green Tea Everything

Another post on cake! I do love my dessert – a little bit of sweet treat here and there won’t hurt 🙂

So last week, I was introduced to another amazing cake shop. They specialize in french patisserie but with an Asian twist; focusing mainly on french patisserie with green tea infused flavours. However, I have to say I was slightly apprehensive at first (green tea flavoured french dessert, really?) but the foodie in me was more curious than my uncertainty so I took the trip.

From east London I traveled all the way to North West London stopping at Finchley Road. Here lays Lanka,  Cake shop and Tea Salon. Owned by a reputable french cuisine Japanese chef who has worked in multiple Michelin star restaurants and run mainly by Japanese hires. The service is great, unbelievably polite servers even though the restaurant was so small (it can only seat a maximum of about 15 people at once from what I remember) and there was a long line forming inside.

Shame I don’t have a picture of the cake display (they all looked delicious) but below is what we had:

Image post 4 02

*picture clearly formatted for instragram

Of course, we chose the green tea flavoured ones 🙂

Post 4 image 03

From left to right: Green Tea Paris Brest, Green Tea Panna Cotta and Green Tea Tart.

Post 4 image (tea)

We also ordered tea (cake with tea of course!): Green Tea Rose Petal and Royal Delight. I loved the royal delight! Fruity and smells delicious!

Post 4 image (teacup)

And of course, the tea is accompanied by beautifully designed tea cups as well.

The decoration of the shop took the minimalist route with white as the dominant colour used for walls/display shelves and brown for tables. Not sure if it was deliberate but it really enhances the colours of the cakes and makes them stand out against the neutral colours of the shop.

Overall, great experience and delicious cakes I’d definitely recommend this place 🙂