The Attendant would like to serve you…

…a lovely cup of latte…

(Did anyone catch the love pun? hehe :P)

…along with the most beautifully decorated French Toast I have seen to date 😍

Like seriously, here’s a close up:

Like honestly, how aesthetically pleasing is that? Absolutely gorgeous! 💓

It tasted great as well. I’m usually not a fan of flower flavouring in food (most of the time it reminds me too closely of perfume and who would want to eat perfume?) but the taste of the petals blended beautifully with the pear/maple syrup sauce. Not only did the crushed petals look beautiful, it added a nice hint of extra flavouring.

The cafe I went to is called The Attendant;  a quirky, shabby chic coffee/lunch restaurant that fits perfectly within the hipster style of Shoreditch, London. I had a meeting around this area and so originally only stopped by for a quick bite/coffee fix thinking it was just a coffee shop and that was all did, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much more they offered in terms of menu items and the interior design. You all know how much I love a nice, shabby chic designed cafe 😉 They offer breakfast, brunch and lunch menus daily.

Here’s how the interior looked:

Just look at clever design of the overhanging, multi plant pot holding decor on the ceiling:

Here’s a close up, it gives the cafe a refreshing atmosphere:

More leafy vines decoration at the back of the cafe:

If you’re ever around, I recommend popping by even for a quick coffee to go 🙂

Bonus: they also serve still water in a jug mixed with mint leaves and cucumber for free, pure awesomeness.


-Eats Esacapdes


Need a pick me up? Check this coffee shop out


Spotted an excellent coffee shop in borough market the other day. Monmouth Coffee; filtering coffee since 1978, has been a staple for tourists and locals around the area. The coffee gives you a nice, soft hum of a buzz that gets you going steadily throughout the day, it’s incomparable to chain store coffees. The first sip is able to give you that instant kick you need to get your day going or wake you up from that hangover you most likely will have this Halloween 😉

Park Starbucks for a bit; PSL (pumpkin spice latte) is out of season soon anyway (if not already) and give Monmouth Coffee a go if you’re around the area. They also sell cakes and pastries, I haven’t tried them yet so let me know if it’s worth trying in the comments below 🙂

The coffee is well worth the trip. No Seats? Just have it on the go.

-Eats Escapades

Cute little Cake Store

Peyton & Bryne is this lovely, cute little cake shop in Greenwich, London. I’ve walked past it quite a few times now; it’s caught my eye and each time I said I’ll go but never had time to pop in. After walking past it the third time I searched and read up reviews online – all good reviews – and decided to give it a try!

The decoration inside was quite simple and minimalist; bringing focus to the cake display shelves and the creative light designs. Using wood as the featured material for furniture. It gave a modern twist to a shabby chic design.

The atmosphere was great, although super busy on a Saturday. I was lucky to get a shot of an empty table with the lights in the background! I had a ninja moment; having to quickly take a picture sneakily before the next set of customers sat on the tables. It felt surprisingly spacious once you were inside even though the tables were all very close to each other. This caused me to feel close to like I was in a canteen although the decorations did not remind me at all of a canteen.


The cakes on display looked divine. I had a latte and a carrot cake (my fav <3), served on a circular wooden tray; loved the look of this, how great does the plating look in my picture above? However, I was very disappointed in the cake. It tasted nice but it was quite dry and I prefer my cake to be soft and moist.

All in all I would recommend this place for a nice, casual place to catch up with friends over the weekend but do bear in mind how busy it can get. It’ll also be a great place just to chill in the afternoons on a weekday. I wouldn’t recommend going just to try their cake though. I may go again to give another cake a go (they just look so tasty!) but it probably won’t be any time soon since my first bite of that cake didn’t leave such a good impression.

-Eats Escapades 

Is that a shop? Oh no wait, it’s a cafe!

12312022_10153141836001143_1022100791_nWe have all walked past that interesting looking shop on the corner having absolutely no clue what it is. For me, there’s this quirky little shop on the corner with clothes, accessories and just one fashionably clothed mannequin by the window. You can actually see this mannequin on the photo; as real as it looks, no that is not a human being standing staring out the window.

Curious as to what it really is, rather than walking in store to check out what it is as logic would tell you (because, gasp, how could I!) I instead stood outside the store and awkwardly peered through the window hoping my nose doesn’t accidentally touch the window (because firstly, gross and secondly, people inside will have full view of my nostrils pressed against the window). I noticed what looked to be a counter with cakes and blackboard menus on the wall. Intrigued, I took down the name which was Lavish Habit and later searched the place up online (as I had to go) and turned out it was really a coffee shop!

The coffee shop market has grown so much from your infamous chain stores to the artisan coffees to the minimalist hipster coffee shops; it really is getting very hard to stand out. However, Lavish Habit has seemed to have done just that. by pairing an interesting mix of quirky accessories and clothing with cakes, coffee and small bites, it has fast become one of my favourite coffee shops in London. What a better combination for a food and shopaholic like me than eating your food whilst window shopping?!

It still manages to maintain a very cosy, homely atmosphere to it even though it is essentially a shop that sells things. It seems to have achieved this with the dim warm lighting and brick walls. The clothes and accessories seems more like a decorative approach, a bit like a cute, small boutique where you can eat and chill inside.

I haven’t tried the hot food but I would definitely recommend the cakes and coffee. The cakes are moist which is how I like them, the one in the picture is of the carrot and walnut cake which is very tasty. I paired this with a hot chocolate which is quite good – not as watered down as some of the others I’ve tried elsewhere.

So if you’re ever around Balham, do give them a go!