Gyoza bar

As the name suggests, Gyoza bar is a bar like restaurant that offers a good a selection of gyoza paired with a choice of craft beer. It is a modern take on Japanese food with a twist of contemporary and traditional cooking styles, tastes and interior design.   

The restaurant also serves ramen based on homemade broth and the gyoza are grilled and served on grill pans from Japan. 

Deep fried chicken gyoza served on a gyoza grill pan – how tasty does this look?

Pan fried salmon gyoza with a special mayonaise blend and pan fried pork gyoza. The salmon gyoza isn’t common so I was excited to try this! The taste of it was very interesting, it was just, different. I couldn’t quite tell if I liked it or not. Maybe you guys can tell me what you think when you give this a go!

Ramen with char siu and shoyu egg

Ramen with pork belly and shoyu egg

Sweet potato chips – this was delicious! 

The interior design is a modern take of a traditional Japanese setting combining wooden panel designs with modern lighting. Mimicking a bar setting, it showcased a partially open kitchen where customers can watch the cooks wrapping the dumplings and rolling the noodles.

The strange thing was that because gyoza bar and the restaurant next to it (murakami) is owned by the same owner, even though they had separate entrances they shared the same bathroom. This meant that going to the toilet meant you will pass through the restaurant next door before entering the toilet. Not a problem, I was just slightly disorientated when I first went 😛  

-Eats Esacapdes 


Dessert after 6pm?

image post 3

Ever wandered around Soho, London after dinner and really craved something sweet? Something a bit more substantial than say froyo (frozen yogurt)? You have your hummingbird bakery and Lola’s cupcakes who closes at 6pm. Sure there are the mainstream coffee shops like your Costa, Nero and Starbucks (opened till late in central London) but they do not do cake justice, in my opinion. There are better cake shops like Patisserie Valerie and Laduree, both famous for it’s french patisserie, but if you’ve lived in London long enough they soon start to bore you as well. Then there are your quirky oriental dessert shops; ever so exciting, but also ever so crowded.

So where do you go for something in between? I highly recommend the newly opened dessert shop: Cutter and Squidge. Situated in the heart of Soho, London, easily accessible after a nice meal, just a 10 minute walk from either Piccadilly or Leicester square station. You have time to take a short stroll to digest. They’re most well-known for their biskies but for me, I’m most drawn to their delicious looking, big slices of dream cake. They’re sold in big, fat slices, true to taste rich flavours and layers of super moist cake. I was sold when I tasted their green tea cake but if you fancy something richer in taste, the salted caramel chocolate cake is absolutely divine!

Buddy it up with a nice aromatic pomegranate and peach white tea and it’s the perfect combination. They also come in the cutest looking tea pots and decent sized tea cups!

The decoration is also super cute. Not over the top cute but charmingly appropriate for both genders.

I shall be back for more soon!



Is that a shop? Oh no wait, it’s a cafe!

12312022_10153141836001143_1022100791_nWe have all walked past that interesting looking shop on the corner having absolutely no clue what it is. For me, there’s this quirky little shop on the corner with clothes, accessories and just one fashionably clothed mannequin by the window. You can actually see this mannequin on the photo; as real as it looks, no that is not a human being standing staring out the window.

Curious as to what it really is, rather than walking in store to check out what it is as logic would tell you (because, gasp, how could I!) I instead stood outside the store and awkwardly peered through the window hoping my nose doesn’t accidentally touch the window (because firstly, gross and secondly, people inside will have full view of my nostrils pressed against the window). I noticed what looked to be a counter with cakes and blackboard menus on the wall. Intrigued, I took down the name which was Lavish Habit and later searched the place up online (as I had to go) and turned out it was really a coffee shop!

The coffee shop market has grown so much from your infamous chain stores to the artisan coffees to the minimalist hipster coffee shops; it really is getting very hard to stand out. However, Lavish Habit has seemed to have done just that. by pairing an interesting mix of quirky accessories and clothing with cakes, coffee and small bites, it has fast become one of my favourite coffee shops in London. What a better combination for a food and shopaholic like me than eating your food whilst window shopping?!

It still manages to maintain a very cosy, homely atmosphere to it even though it is essentially a shop that sells things. It seems to have achieved this with the dim warm lighting and brick walls. The clothes and accessories seems more like a decorative approach, a bit like a cute, small boutique where you can eat and chill inside.

I haven’t tried the hot food but I would definitely recommend the cakes and coffee. The cakes are moist which is how I like them, the one in the picture is of the carrot and walnut cake which is very tasty. I paired this with a hot chocolate which is quite good – not as watered down as some of the others I’ve tried elsewhere.

So if you’re ever around Balham, do give them a go!



Eats Escapades

cropped-photo-1424847651672-bf20a4b0982b.jpgEver since I had my first ever iPhone (iPhone 4) I’ve been taking a lot of photos with it for the past few years of my life. By a lot, I mean so much so that I had to swap my iPhone (as much as I loved it!) for an android phone just so I’m able to slot in an SD card for extra storage to store my photos (I’m aware I can store my photos online but for some reason I like to keep them on my phone as well, just in case. I have absolutely no idea for what though).

I started with posting everything onto Facebook (so I can be all like, look where I’ve been ya’ll, jealous?) lol, jokes (meant it a little really). After a while though, I started getting bored of using Facebook. It might just be all my friends (me included) have started to out grow using it after uni. However, Facebook isn’t really all that photo friendly. It’s also slightly frowned upon by the Facebook community for posting too many photos “just because”. What do I do with all my selfies? Lol!

That is when I found out about Instagram! What better method to share all the photos that I’ve been collecting/continue to take than a photo sharing site (app)! Been using that religiously for about a year now and noticed that most of my posts are of food; new food experiences/cuisines/new restaurants/good food/bad food, you name it. People have started to actually ask me what I’ve eaten over the weekend – or my personal favourite “are you done with eating pho?” (I’ve eaten it 3 times in that week, posted on Instagram) – rather than what I’ve done in the weekend, ha! It therefore hit me. I could actually put this to good use and create a food review blog on food that I’ve eaten, restaurants I’ve been and what my thoughts are of them. That’s how Eats Escapades came about; a documentary on my obsession with good food.

Now here I am, writing this, in one of my favourite coffee shop around my area. Let the serving begin!