All About Chocolate

Clearly coincidental that valentines day is coming up, but I recently stumbled upon one of the most heavenly hot chocolate shop in London, Shoreditch, Dark Sugars. A shop purely selling hot chocolate? Yep, you read that right. Well, not entirely. The shop is separated into two sections; one section for their chocolate selection and the other section selling hot chocolate on the go.

Now you may be wondering why this hot chocolate place is worth a shout out. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so without further ado, let me dive straight into the pictures:

Salted caramel hot chocolate with an overflowing mass of shaved white and milk chocolate.
This is an absolute piece of artwork. Just look at the massive bunch of chocolate shavings on top!! I’m literally melting (pun intended).😍

The huge slab of chocolate used for the chocolate shavings. Sometimes, size does matter 😋😂

Artistic tree trunk effect tables to catch your overflow of chocolate shavings.

Here we have the lovely, exquisitely made selection of chocolates (absolutely beautiful) 💓

Chocolate pearls in their shiny shells 🌟

 I picked up so many pieces 😍


Take a stroll on valentines day here and grab a cup of hot chocolate and a couple pieces of chocolate for dessert later in the evening. This should surely melt your partners heart 😉❤


-Eats Escapades




2 thoughts on “All About Chocolate

    1. Absolutely divine weren’t they! The hot chocolate was just as gorgeous, not only were they lovely to look at but it had the thick, flavoursome, chocolatey taste you would expect from how it looks (not watered down at all) 😊

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