Brunch, Munch, Fun

Brunch is honestly my favourite meal of the day and I’m so glad it’s become so popular in the recent years! Practically every other restaurant is bound to serve some version of brunch in London 🙂

We planned to try-out a boozy brunch restaurant last weekend (I know, I’m a bit late to jump on this boozy brunch craze) but it was the Sunday after Halloween weekend so additional alcohol would not have been be wise. Plan B was brunch at London Grind. A coffee bar, cocktail bar and restaurant combined, serving a combination of modern and traditional English food.


The most interesting dish I had here was the one-pan eggs, with added extra sausage. I’ve heard about one-pan dishes served quite often in the US and I’ve been intrigued by this since but have never had the chance to try it in the UK. Delighted to see this on the menu and even more pleasantly surprised when it arrived:


Above: One-pan eggs with spinach, tomatoes, beans, pistachio and sausage

The one-pan eggs were as delicious as it looks! Albeit with a lot more beans than expected (toot toot -ha) and needed a little bit of extra salt, but still a great dish overall. A perfect, warm, hearty dish to help you through your hangover or even just to ease you through a cold weekend, starting it with some good old comfort food.

I paired this with a green smoothie. Thought I’d be a bit healthier 🙂


Above: Green smoothie with spinach, banana, coffee, agave, cacao nibs and almond milk

The green smoothie was delicious and refreshing. It was not sweet at all which was great; the mild fruity taste of the banana was a good balance against the spinach and agave.  I was weary at first about the combination of the ingredients used but I was most definitely pleased with the results. If you like smoothies like the Naked’s green machine then you’ll definitely enjoy this one.

My friends on the other hand, had the Amber smoothie that paled in comparison. It contained vanilla protein shake but it unfortunately didn’t dissolve well and so left a slight gritty after taste. It might have been just ours that were unlucky but I highly recommend you to stay away from this one unless you like the taste of vanilla protein shake.

Below are a few more photos of what my friends had for their mains, which I had to share as they were all lovely dishes:


Above: Smashed avocado with chilli on toast, with added smoked salmon and poached egg


Above: Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on sourdough with fennel & rocket

London Grind is a must try if you’re ever around the area!

I leave you all with this (sign hung inside London Grind):


Happy discovering!

-Eats Escapades


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