Need a pick me up? Check this coffee shop out


Spotted an excellent coffee shop in borough market the other day. Monmouth Coffee; filtering coffee since 1978, has been a staple for tourists and locals around the area. The coffee gives you a nice, soft hum of a buzz that gets you going steadily throughout the day, it’s incomparable to chain store coffees. The first sip is able to give you that instant kick you need to get your day going or wake you up from that hangover you most likely will have this Halloween 😉

Park Starbucks for a bit; PSL (pumpkin spice latte) is out of season soon anyway (if not already) and give Monmouth Coffee a go if you’re around the area. They also sell cakes and pastries, I haven’t tried them yet so let me know if it’s worth trying in the comments below 🙂

The coffee is well worth the trip. No Seats? Just have it on the go.

-Eats Escapades


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