Who Thought Japanese BBQ was a thing?

The other day my friends and I visited a Japanese restaurant focused on Japanese BBQ. Now, I’m well familiar with Korean BBQ (Kbbq) but Japanese BBQ (Jbbq) is something I haven’t even heard of. So naturally I was skeptical.

As a curious foodie, I went along and was pleasantly surprised!

What: Japanese BBQ and Japanese food

Where: Kintan, 34 High Holborn, London WC1V 6AE

Why: You like kbbq (or bbq in general) but you haven’t tried Japanese BBQ before

Similar to Kbbq, you’re sat a a long table with the bbq grill in the middle. The difference is the meat is marinated with Japanese marinades instead. It tastes very similar with the kbbq marinades but overall the dishes were less spicy and a hint more sweet.


We ordered the grilled set menu for 4 people. It came with a good portions of meat and sides, definitely enough to feed 4 people full. Make sure you come hungry! We had more meat dishes which I didn’t manage to take a photo of. If I remember correctly, we had 6 plates of marinaded beef/chicken, a plate of squid, a plate of prawns and a plate of sausages.


Above: grilled beef & chicken, mmm.

It also came with sides, which was perfect company to the grilled meat.

Above: Edamame beans, spicy marinaded cabbage, french fries (how random! But it works) and egg fried rice in a hot stone bowl

To finish off, desserts of course!

Above Left: Grilled Taiyaki

Above Right: Some sort of doughy crusted bread with maple syrup and vanilla ice cream

Both dessert we had to grill it on the grill; we didn’t actually know in the beginning and the waiter had to come over and recommend it to us, lol! The taiyaki was pretty difficult to grill as it’s cold in the inside when delivered to us. It had quite a thick outer layer hence by grilling it, it only affected the crispiness of the outer layer. Which is great as it make the taiyaki crispy, but you had to grill it longer to ensure the inside is warm (not a fan of lukewarm taiyaki!). This also meant the taiyaki was slightly burnt but it added colour to it so I guess it worked out.

Great food, service was just alright. I’d definitely go back for the food.

-Eats Escapades


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