Champagne and Fancy Hotdogs

For dates that haven’t quite made the cut to be treated to anywhere fancy but you still want to class it up a bit – ha! Jokes aside, this was a pretty brilliant idea. A little bubbly to accompany your not-so-normal hot dog.

The hot dogs are topped with multiple combinations of delicious toppings. There were quite a few different hot dog styles that I had a difficult time choosing; the foodie in me just wanted to try them all! Ultimately, I decided on the below:

mac and cheese do v2.jpg

Above: the Mac Daddy hot dog. Toppings: macaroni cheese, crispy onions & bacon bits. Side dish: sweet potato fries and a glass of bubbly

What: Champagne and hot dogs

Where: 70 Charlotte Street London, W1T 4QG

Why: You’re bored of the usual burgers and hot dogs and want to try something new. You also fancy a place where it’s a bit more restaurant like than a pub for a hot dog and a drink. Perfect for a quick bite yet chill atmosphere to chat.

Recommended for a chill gathering with a small group of friends/ a casual date/a quick lunch.

chilli beaf and cheese dog v2

Above: Philly Cheez. Toppings: sautéed onions, mushroom, peppers with a layer of cheese sauce. Side: a glass of bubbly

We sat by the bar so do note that the tables are not all gold and shiny as in the pictures. It’s all bricks and wooden, tall tables with high chairs inside.

Would definitely go again – bonus points for sweet potato fries 😉

-Eats Escapades




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