Japanese food @ Suki (London)

Suki, is perhaps one of the most underrated Japanese restaurant in London. Situated in the heart of China Town; they offer a mix of Japanese food and Chinese food. This is quite a common theme for restaurants in China Town but I actually think Suki carries this quite well. This time round I went I only ate their Japanese food however, the first time I went I had their sushi and dim sum buffet. Sounds like an odd combination, but it worked very nicely as individual dishes.

We shared the below between two, just about enough but only because we weren’t exceptionally hungry.

Above: eel with sushi and salmon sashimi bento box, crispy tofu, grilled scallop skewers with wasabi mayonnaise

Where: 39 Gerrard Street, London, W1D 5QDv

A couple of close up shots:

The eel was by far the best out if what we had.

I’ve had fried tofu before so ordered the crispy tofu as I was curious what the difference was. Still not entirely sure what the difference is between crispy tofu and fried tofu; they’re both crispy battered tofu? Texure is only mildly different (proper food critics may be shouting disagreements at their screen right no way – ha), still tasty though drenched in a sweet thin teriyaki sauce.

I love scallops. The food itself doesn’t have much flavour to it but there’s just somehing about the soft, chewy texture  and a subtle hint of scallop taste that I like. I’m normally pretty biased towards scallop dishes but this one was just alright. It was a bit over grilled. It was accompanied by a wasabi Mayo dip. As I’m not a huge fan wasabi I thought it was too overpowering. The scallops was plenty fine without the dip as it was grilled with teriyaki sauce.

If you’re ever in the area and wanted quick, decent Japanese food and didn’t fancy queueing up, Suki is the place to check out.

-Eats Escapades


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