Magnum Summer Street #MagnumRegentSt

Another post on Magnum ice-cream, can’t seem to get enough lately! This time, in partnership with “Summer Streets” at London Regent Street, featured an array of outdoor entertainment; catwalks, fashion shows, photo booths & live DJs. The photo booth was really, pretty cool. Shame I didn’t manage to take a snap of it (too busy taking a snap of myself – ha 😉 )

Four, traffic free Sundays throughout July was the idea behind making Regent street, an even more over crowded, tourist filled, family & children friendly  tempting summer destination.

When: 24th July 2016

What: Summer Streets in partnership with Magnum

Why: Free Ice-Cream!

The most exciting part was free ice-cream! Magnum was giving away 45,000 free ice-creams on the day, including their new range of Magnum doubles as well as 16 dipping stations to build your own ice-cream #feelingspoilt

Magnum Flavours

It was quite cloudy and windy on the day but it didn’t stop people from dropping by for a visit. Although there were queues, it actually didn’t take too long for us to get an ice-cream. At most we waited about 15 minutes at the dipping stations which in all fairness wasn’t long. I was happily chatting away with my friends, might just be down to having already had one double dipped Magnum prior to queuing; the sugar high was real.


At the dipping station; getting my drizzle on


Magnum drizzle x3

End Result 🙂 Not quite as fancy as the ones at the Magnum pleasure store but these were free so I’m not complaining!


Happy vibes all round after all the sugar XD

-Eats Escapades


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