Yolkin – Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich (London)

Summer has finally greeted us with her presence here in London. She was shy at first and quite temperamental but she’s eventually gotten over that and decided she’s here to stay (at least for now).

Following typical English fashion, we flock to the park as soon as there’s a peak of sun. Can’t quite count on the sunny weather to stay for long can we? Although one can have faith. I digress. Last week though, at it’s peak ,the temperature reached a height of 34 degrees Celsius in some parts of London! I digress again.

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich was what I wanted to talk about today. The first ice cream sandwich I tried in London was at Chin Chin Labs in Camden. It was good, but it can’t quite compare to the Macaron ice cream sandwich at Yolkin.




Where: Various Locations (They don’t have an official shop)

When: Saturday and Sunday ONLY (12pm – 4pm or till sold out)

What: Macaron Ice-cream (various flavours)

Note: I’d suggest keeping tabs on their facebook page for location/flavour updates


There’s normally a choice of 4 different flavours each weekend and there is usually 1 or 2 interesting flavours in the mix ie, matcha oreo, Hong Kong milk tea, lychee and rose etc. I wanted the Hong Kong milk tea flavoured one as I tried it back in Hong Kong and loved it, but I didn’t end up at the shop till about 2pm; it was sold out by then. I did manage to get the blueberry cheesecake one instead, not quite as exciting but still very tasty.

yolkin blueberry


Above: Blueberry cheescake macaron Ice-cream sandwich with honeycomb biscuit crumble

Each one is about 6cm-8cm in diameter, pretty decent size. in this angle it looks like it’s as big as my face, haha.


yolkin me


The macaron was soft and light, a perfect company to the compact and sturdy ice cream in between.

Perfect for summer days; a must try if you manage to wake up in time for it. Skip a night out, just one won’t hurt, you won’t remember it anyway 😉

-Eats Escapades


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