Lobster @ Big Easy

When people say they’re going for lobster in London I automatically think of Burger & Lobster. The food is definitely tasty there but I’ve been there so many times now that the excitement is wearing off.

Then a friend of mine introduced me to Big Easy. They’re known as a Southern American barbecue shack type of place so my initial interest in them was their daily buffet. It changes daily so on Tuesdays it’s grilled shrimp buffet and then Thursdays it’s ribs buffet. I haven’t tried it still but just thinking about it makes my mouth water!

I went in the restaurant (super hungry at this point coming from straight after work) and saw waiters & waitresses carrying huge metal plates of lobster.From the sight of it I changed my mind immediately and knew in that instant I would be ordering the grilled lobster instead.

This is how it looked like:


It was as delicious as it looked! It came with chips and salad; I had lemon & garlic butter dip with mine. The sauce was a bit oily but it complemented the lobster very well. The lobster itself was super juicy (them claws!). In my opinion the lobster was much better than Burger & Lobster. It was much more juicy (be careful with the claws as the juice spills out), more fresh and cooked just right.

The whole set was £20; it also includes a free cocktail, can’t go wrong with that 😉

They also had a lobster and steak set which my friend ordered. Unless you’re extremely hungry, otherwise the lobster itself is more than enough.

Lobster wth steak.jpg

We went to the one in canary wharf, at the Crossrail. En route to the restaurant we also passed through the Roof Garden (under the roof of the Crossrail) which was a nice place to stroll through.

Not the most exciting (I wouldn’t visit canary wharf just for the garden) but it was a good bonus to the night. It had a calming effect to it which was nice.

I definitely recommend Big Easy for their lobster. Have to go again and try their BBQ food!





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