Dessert after 6pm?

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Ever wandered around Soho, London after dinner and really craved something sweet? Something a bit more substantial than say froyo (frozen yogurt)? You have your hummingbird bakery and Lola’s cupcakes who closes at 6pm. Sure there are the mainstream coffee shops like your Costa, Nero and Starbucks (opened till late in central London) but they do not do cake justice, in my opinion. There are better cake shops like Patisserie Valerie and Laduree, both famous for it’s french patisserie, but if you’ve lived in London long enough they soon start to bore you as well. Then there are your quirky oriental dessert shops; ever so exciting, but also ever so crowded.

So where do you go for something in between? I highly recommend the newly opened dessert shop: Cutter and Squidge. Situated in the heart of Soho, London, easily accessible after a nice meal, just a 10 minute walk from either Piccadilly or Leicester square station. You have time to take a short stroll to digest. They’re most well-known for their biskies but for me, I’m most drawn to their delicious looking, big slices of dream cake. They’re sold in big, fat slices, true to taste rich flavours and layers of super moist cake. I was sold when I tasted their green tea cake but if you fancy something richer in taste, the salted caramel chocolate cake is absolutely divine!

Buddy it up with a nice aromatic pomegranate and peach white tea and it’s the perfect combination. They also come in the cutest looking tea pots and decent sized tea cups!

The decoration is also super cute. Not over the top cute but charmingly appropriate for both genders.

I shall be back for more soon!




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