Eats Escapades

cropped-photo-1424847651672-bf20a4b0982b.jpgEver since I had my first ever iPhone (iPhone 4) I’ve been taking a lot of photos with it for the past few years of my life. By a lot, I mean so much so that I had to swap my iPhone (as much as I loved it!) for an android phone just so I’m able to slot in an SD card for extra storage to store my photos (I’m aware I can store my photos online but for some reason I like to keep them on my phone as well, just in case. I have absolutely no idea for what though).

I started with posting everything onto Facebook (so I can be all like, look where I’ve been ya’ll, jealous?) lol, jokes (meant it a little really). After a while though, I started getting bored of using Facebook. It might just be all my friends (me included) have started to out grow using it after uni. However, Facebook isn’t really all that photo friendly. It’s also slightly frowned upon by the Facebook community for posting too many photos “just because”. What do I do with all my selfies? Lol!

That is when I found out about Instagram! What better method to share all the photos that I’ve been collecting/continue to take than a photo sharing site (app)! Been using that religiously for about a year now and noticed that most of my posts are of food; new food experiences/cuisines/new restaurants/good food/bad food, you name it. People have started to actually ask me what I’ve eaten over the weekend – or my personal favourite “are you done with eating pho?” (I’ve eaten it 3 times in that week, posted on Instagram) – rather than what I’ve done in the weekend, ha! It therefore hit me. I could actually put this to good use and create a food review blog on food that I’ve eaten, restaurants I’ve been and what my thoughts are of them. That’s how Eats Escapades came about; a documentary on my obsession with good food.

Now here I am, writing this, in one of my favourite coffee shop around my area. Let the serving begin!



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